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Buying? Get $500 Closing Credit

Don't have an agent but need help? If you need assistance with buying a home, let us be your agent and we'll credit $500 back to you, from our earned commission, at closing to help pay for your closing costs.

Ask a traditional agent if they'll do that right from the get-go..... the answer will most likely be, "No!"

Why do we do this? Because buyers need a break, too. And if you are OK with driving by homes to be sure they are of real interest to you -- just so that when we drive up together we don't find a waste dump next door (unless you like that sort of thing!) -- and doing a little of the "leg work," then we can work together as a team to get you into the home of your choice.

We are still your agent, we will still be working for your best interests, we will still be there for you every step of the way. You just get more benefit working with an agency who wants to help by paying some of your closing costs too!

BUT WAIT...... "What about our listing Sellers who really want to go For-Sale-By-Owner? What if a Buyer we are working with wants to see one of those houses?"  Well, as a policy, we will let the Seller know and we will give the Buyer the Sellers contact information so that they can deal directly with the Seller and keep that For-Sale-By-Owner option. If our assistance is desired, then we will then renegotiate a fee (usually 1.5% total) and help out in every way an agent can (paperwork, home inspections, appraisal assistance, final walk-through, and attending closing, etc.) We never go right in expecting a full Buyer agent fee. It would not be fair to the Seller who came to use to save money. If no assistance is desired, we step back and consider it "paying it forward" or good Karma... or whatever you wish to call it. We call it "Fair".

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Rebecca Burcher, Owner/Broker, REALTOR

NH Direct: 603-821-0281  

4 No. Hollis Rd, Amherst, NH 03130 

MA Direct: 413-429-3938

PO Box 6, Glendale, MA 01229